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Water Damage claims adjuster,  Media Pa

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While each policy contains different policy language and varying degrees of coverage for water damage, most insurance policies cover damage where the cause of loss was “sudden and accidental.” This would include water damage from burst pipes, sink or tub overflow, sewage or toilet backups and water intrusion from breaches in a roof or window.

Water damage can appear suddenly or take a more subtle approach, quietly damaging building materials and furnishings. You may not suspect a problem until mold or unusual warping appears. Most people file a water damage insurance claim and fully expect coverage.

The reality is many water damage insurance claims should be paid by insurance companies, but instead are unjustly and incorrectly underpaid or denied. It’s common for some insurance adjusters to misinterpret the policy language and render a denial based on a false allegation that the type of water damaged is not a covered under the insurance policy. Get a second opinion from a trusted public adjuster if your insurance company denies coverage or offers you a low settlement.

Water Damage Claim Denied?

We established earlier that water damage claims in Media Pa are often wrongfully denied  Call Capital Adjustment. An experienced public adjuster can assess if your water damage claim has been wrongfully denied, underpaid or determine the true and full value of the insurance claim.

Let Capital Adjustment Give second  a opinion if your insurance company has denied your water damage insurance claim due to…”

…a long ongoing leak.”

…an unrepaired leak.”

…a preventable maintenance issue.”

…failure to mitigate damages.”

…failure to maintain heat and electricity to a building resulting in burst or broken pipe.”

…failure to drain or properly maintain sprinkler system.”

…failure to have NFIP coverage for a flood insurance claim